Sieg der Umweltschutzbewegung: Fracking im Delaware River Basin (USA) verboten!

25. Februar 2021

Fracking Banned in the Delaware River Basin!
Marisa Guerrero & Kimberly Ong

Today marks an important day for public health and environmental protection: fracking is now banned in the Delaware River Basin.

In a historic move, the Delaware River Basin Commission—the body responsible for safeguarding the water quality of the Delaware River Basin—voted to outlaw fracking in the region. Four of the five Commissioners, including the governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, voted for the ban, taking a strong stance that fracking “poses significant, immediate and long-term risks to the development, conservation, utilization, management, and preservation of the water resources of the Delaware River Basin.”

The Delaware River Basin is the watershed at the base of the majestic Delaware River, the longest free-flowing river east of the Mississippi. The Delaware stretches from the Catskills in New York State through parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland, providing drinking water to 17 million people. It is one of the most important fisheries in the country, a critical habitat for countless species of flora and fauna, including native trout, American eels, and bald eagles. […]

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