Die „Allianz der öffentlichen Wasserwirtschaft e.V. (AöW)“ kooperiert mit dem europäischen Netzwerk „Aqua publica europea (APE)“

Aqua publica europea

The German Association of Public Water Operators joins APE

AöW brings together 51 water and sanitation operators and 9 associations (of municipalities, water-management experts, civil society, etc.) from all over Germany. AöW is one of the first national association of “only” public water operators to be created in Europe and, as a such, an interesting example also for other national contexts. Thanks to the arrival of AöW, APE increases significantly its geographical coverage and representative capacity.

In a message to the APE General Assembly, the president of AöW – Dr Jochen Stemplewski – reminds the recent success of the ECI Right2Water and affirms the intention of the German Association to contribute to APE as an example for the promotion of public water management in Europe.

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