Die Zukunft unserer öffentlichen Wasserversorgung — Weltweite Erfahrungen mit der Rekommunalisierung

Our public water future
The global experience with remunicipalisation  

Veröffentlichung vom April 2015 durch Transnational Institute (TNI), Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU), Multinationals Observatory, Municipal Services Project (MSP) and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)
Amsterdam, London, Paris, Cape Town and Brussels ISBN 978-90-70563-50-9

Introduction: Calling for progressive water policies

Emanuele Lobina


Global list of remunicipalisations


Chapter 1 Water in public hands:

Remunicipalisation in the United States

Mary Grant


Chapter 2 An end to the struggle?

Jakarta residents reclaim their water system

Irfan Zamzami and Nila Ardhianie


Chapter 3 German municipalities take back control of water

Christa Hecht


Chapter 4 Turning the page on water privatisation in France

Christophe Lime


Chapter 5 Taking stock of remunicipalisation in Paris.

A conversation with Anne Le Strat

Olivier Petitjean


Chapter 6 Remunicipalisation and workers:

Building new alliances

Christine Jakob and Pablo Sanchez


Chapter 7 You are public…now what?

News ways of measuring success

David A. McDonald


Chapter 8 Trade agreements and investor protection:

A global threat to public water

Satoko Kishimoto


Conclusion: Reclaiming public water through remunicipalisation

Satoko Kishimoto, Olivier Petitjean and Emanuele Lobina

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