Michigan: 100 000 Menschen durch Blei vergiftet

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Flint im US-Bundesstaat Michigan: 100 000 Menschen vergiftet
von Johannes Kuhn, New Orleans

Flint (Michigan)Mehr als anderthalb Jahre tranken die Bewohner der Stadt Flint im US-Bundesstaat Michigan Wasser mit viel zu hohem Bleianteil. Die Behörden schauten weg.

Von den 80 000 Beschäftigten, die einst in der Autofabrik von General Motors arbeiteten, sind nur noch wenige Tausend übrig; die Bevölkerungszahl der Stadt hat sich seit den Sechzigern halbiert. Die Menschen wissen, wie es sich anfühlt, verlassen zu werden in der Industriestadt Flint, Michigan. Doch wer hätte damit rechnen können, vergiftet zu werden?

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Vgl. dazu auch die Mail von Right2water, 27.01.2016:

Flint water crisis

In a nutshell the example. Flint (and Detroit) were hit by the closure of plants (car industry, General Motors, the famous documentary of Michael Moore). With the aftermath of the financial and economic crisis the predominately low income city was running deficits. When elections made the austerians take control, the governor appointed an emergency manager who incredible powers (being in a position to over-rule the mayor). As part of the austerity measures, city services are being cut. Public service workers have seen their collective agreements being violated. Pensions attacked and reduced. Being are being cut off water services.

The decision to switch the Michigan city’s drinking water source to the Flint River was aimed at saving $5m but almost two years later the cost to treat the water supply carries a tag of $45m and it’s climbing http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/23/flint-water-crisis-cost-cutting-switch-water-supply

The austerians had little regard for the consequences of their decisions that lead to lead poisoning, contamination etc. And they denied for a long time. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/24/flint-michigan-water-crisis-lead-poisoning-families-children  It is a micro-cosmos of what plays in many countries in and outside of the EU. It makes clear so well also why public services are important. This reference to US president Obama speech sums it up well.

Obama cited Flint’s water crisis as an example of why the government’s role in public safety is so crucial. “It is a reminder of why you can’t shortchange basic services that we provide to our people and that we, together, provide as a government to assure the health and safety of the American public is preserved“, Obama said


Read also the article in Portside : View point: The Flint Water Crisis from the Ground Up

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