Neuer TTIP-Leak zeigt, dass kommunale Daseinsvorsorge nicht aus dem Freihandelsabkommen herausgenommen wurde

Es wurden weitere TTIP-Unterlagen geleakt. Dazu erschienen einige Beiträge:


Von Glyn Moody

The big news this week is an important leak detailing what the European Commission will offer the US in the fields of services and investment. It’s super fresh: the document is currently being circulated to the governments of the EU’s Member States, and comments remain open until 30 June, so we are gaining important insights into real-time discussions that have hitherto been completely hidden from us.

It turns out that TISA forms a kind of unholy trinity together with TTIP and the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). Between the three of them, they aim to define the terms for world trade for the coming years: TTIP covers transatlantic trade and investment, TPP the transpacific trade, and TISA global trade in services. TISA involves around 50 countries including the European Union. What TTIP, TPP and TISA have in common is the US, which seeks to use these three treaties to cement its position as they key player in trade and services. The idea is obviously to set the terms for those before China takes over as the world’s biggest economy.

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European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) hat am 13. Juni einen Beitrag dazu verfasst:

Leaked documents TTIP reveal substantial EU commitments, public services not excluded

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Hier ist außerdem eine Zusammenfassung mit weiterführenden Links von Liese Müller.


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